A Little About Myself

I decided that I could perhaps be an artist when I submitted one of my drawings to the now defunct “Computer Paper” and surprise, surprise I won first prize (about $3,000 in software and services). Throughout the years I have sold my work mainly to admirers who thought my work was good enough to hang on their walls. I read a lot, am active in social education programs and recently retired from 29 years at the TTC.

Simply put .. aside from a stint at Central Tech Special Arts Program I am largely self taught.  I may have same natural ability in light of the fact that my father was taught Art in Europe as a young man.  Aside from that everything that shows up on my canvas is a direct result of what I am trying to convey.

Some have accused me of being mystical or worse magical.  I confess only to being a little moody. I try very hard to set the stage, where you, the onlooker has to determine what you want to see. I put a lot into these drawings and I hope you get a lot out of them.

If you like my work ..wonderful, if you want to contact me to purchase or even have me create something entirely for you, please contact me.

E-mail: robdeclerck@yahoo.ca

Phone: 416  778 4911